Jan 18 • 49M

Episode 1: The Ranch

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Cowboys have long been a symbol of the American west, where men simply took power for themselves and ruled by strength. Although there were laws, there were few men willing to try and enforce them. It should be fairly easy to see why it is a time modern men would glorify. It's not hard to understand the popularity of the TV show Yellowstone, but I am not the first to comment on the striking similarities between the show and the American Church. In this podcast, I will deconstruct various elements of the TV show to highlight both the disturbing parallels to images of masculinity in America as a whole, but even more disturbingly, within the American church.
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The Yellowstone Ranch is a perfect analogy of the American church. In the show, the fictional Yellowstone Dutton Ranch is mentioned as being “larger than Rhode Island”, which means it covers approximately 800,000 acres, and would be valued at roughly $8 Billion. Owning a ranch the size of a small state gives its owner, John Dutton, an enormous amount of…

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