What Is The Patriarchy?

For thousands of years now, men have dominated every conversation from religion to psychology to politics to healthcare and education. Even if we have more pastors, priests, rabbis, doctors, therapists and lawyers who are female, who established all of the policies, procedures, practices and institutions that they work in? Men did. Men still control Big Food, Big Pharma, Healthcare, Education and Technology - pretty much every branch of humanity. They even control fashion!

Our systems are broken, we know this, and we can’t fix them from the inside. Instead, we need to do like Bille Jean King did and step out and start our own new systems.

Robin Thinks is about rethinking everything we have been taught by the Patriarchy. As women, we need to find our own voices, so I talk about everything from sex and sexuality, to church and religion to healthcare, self-care and wellness. Hoping you will join the conversation with me!

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Dismantling abusive systems of power, particularly religious ones. Think like a girl, lead like a woman!


Robin Thinks

Deconstructing patriarchy to help women (and sometimes even men) find their authentic voice.